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The content that appears on this page is from sources external to PPS. We found these articles to be highly informative and thought to share.

All are cited and are linked to their original sources.

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MSNBC: Incorporating ESG

"Sustainable investing incorporates environmental, social and governance considerations. But how exactly do these factors fit into the analytical process, and how do they add value?"

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H1 Sustainable Funds Match Y2019

According to Morningstar, sustainable fund flows in the U.S. in the first half of 2020 continued at a record pace bringing the total "to $20.9 billion, just shy of the annual record of $21.4 billion in sustainable fund net flows set in 2019."

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Investor's Guide to B Corps

According to Giving Compass, Yale Center for Business and the Environment concludes that because of their social impact elements, B Corps and Benefit Corporations have the potential to drive big returns for investors in the long run.

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As You Sow Report

To address plastic pollution concerns, as well as reduce the use of extractive resources, companies must prioritize a shift away from wasteful single-use packaging and move toward circular models that prioritize significant, absolute reductions in overall use of plastic, as well as promote reusability, recyclability, or compostability in their packaging.

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BlackRock Report

"As part of our commitment to greater transparency in our investment stewardship activities, we are publishing this special report on BlackRock Investment Stewardship’s (BIS) approach to sustainability. We wish to provide clarity and insight to our clients, the companies they are invested in, and our other stakeholders about our approach to sustainability."

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Forbes: ESG Investing

Covid-19 Is Accelerating ESG Investing And Corporate Sustainability Practices - ESG Investing is driven by irreversible forces. Governments can slow it down or accelerate it, but they cannot stop it.

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