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The content that appears on this page is from sources external to PPS. We found these articles to be highly informative and thought to share.

All are cited and are linked to their original sources.

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Marketing Week: Purpose Is Key 

"Purpose will be central to rebuilding brands, post-Covid.

Business shouldn’t look the same after Covid – brands should recognise that purpose creates distinctiveness and will be key to future growth"

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Global Strategy Group 2020 Report

"Now in its sixth year, Global Strategy Group’s Business & Politics study has become the authoritative voice on the role that companies play in the political and social discourse and how this impacts brand perception."

Forbes - E-Commerce - Sustainable Busine

Forbes: E-Comm & Sustainability

"Consumers are projected to spend $150 billion on sustainable products by 2021. Focusing on transparency in the e-commerce space is increasingly important as millennials’ and Gen Z-ers’ spending power increases. Younger shoppers want to buy from brands and companies that are transparent and committed to making a positive social impact and are voting with their dollars against unsustainable brands."

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Vogue Business: Fashion & B-Corp

"Why more brands are seeking out B Corp certifications - The organisation pushes brands to change their practices, and during the pandemic, more are signing up for its services. But only brands willing to embrace it voluntarily stand to gain."

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